Floss Picks Or Regular Floss? Your Comstock Park Dentist Says…

are floss picks as good as regular floss? Rockford

Floss picks vs regular floss? Is one better than the other? While it’s better to use a floss pick than to not floss at all, ordinary dental floss or tape does a superior cleaning job.

A floss pick holds just a small section of floss stretched in a straight line. A typical tooth, however, is rounded with occasional irregularities. A straight length of floss just doesn’t make sense geometrically, since it doesn’t conform to the contours of the tooth.

Used correctly, traditional dental floss or tape does conform to these contours. By wrapping the floss completely around the circumference of the tooth, you can clean the critical area around and just below the gumline much better.

Here is a guide to proper flossing:

  • Cut a section of floss about 18 inches long and securely wind each end around your middle fingers.
  • Take hold of the floss with your forefinger and thumb leaving about two inches to work with.
  • Thread the floss between two teeth.
  • Hold the floss tightly against the side of the tooth and move it up and away from the gumline. You want to clean the space between the tooth and gum without pulling more gum tissue away, so it’s important to scrape up and out of the pocket.
  • Move the floss around the tooth to clean every surface – especially those that your brush can’t reach. You can use a “shoeshine” method if you like. As you use a section of floss, unwind from one hand to access a clean piece. With 18 inches, you should have enough to provide a clean segment for each tooth. If you run out, that’s okay. Just toss the used piece and cut a new length.
  • Some people find it easier to start at one end of the upper teeth and clean each gap one by one until they reach the end on the opposite side, and then repeat for the lower arch. Whatever method you choose, make sure you clean around every tooth, including the back surfaces of the rear molars.

If you have never flossed before, you should. Your gums may bleed the first few times. The bleeding may be due to gum inflammation, the beginnings of gum disease. Stewart & Hull, your Comstock Park dentists, provide a full range of family and cosmetic dentistry.

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A Wise Investment: Cosmetic Dentistry in Comstock Park

Want to flash a celebrity-caliber smile? Cosmetic dentistry is an investment in you, and it pays off every single day.

Looking for advice about cosmetic dentistry? Dr. Stewart and Dr. Hull provide premium dental services with at personal touch. During your complimentary consultation they will discuss what is involved with each procedure, from dental veneers and crowns to Zoom! Teeth Whitening. If you have questions, please call Stewart & Hull Aesthetic and General Dentistry. We’ll show you before and after pictures of some of our smile transformations, discuss any questions you may have and create a customized treatment plan.

In addition to cosmetic dentistry, Stewart & Hull Aesthetic & General Dentistry can help you with a host of dental services, including family dentistry,   Invisalign orthodontics, composite restorations and gum disease treatment. Our friendly and thorough team is ready to serve you at our warm and inviting Comstock Park office.

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Dental Hygiene in Comstock Park: When You’re Too Tired To Brush

Rockford gentle dentist

Too tired to lift a toothbrush? We’ve all been there. But does anyone really want to sacrifice dental hygiene?

At Stewart & Hull Aesthetic & General Dentistry in Comstock Park, we are committed to helping patients maintain balanced dental hygiene and correct imperfections that can lead to inhibited confidence and self-assurance.

Here are two quick ideas for overcoming exhaustion in favor of brushing and flossing late at night.

Idea #1 Drag Tongue Along Teeth
After a long day, as you lie in bed and realize you forgot to brush, drag your tongue over your teeth a few times. As you do, think about how plaque and tartar form. Within 48 hours they can start the dirty work of eating away at the teeth. Tooth decay and gum disease can begin to develop. So jump up and give your mouth just 2 minutes of gentle, thorough cleaning.

Idea #2 Scrutinize the Food You Eat
Another convenient and manageable approach is to pay attention to what’s going into your mouth throughout the day. The higher the sugar content, the sooner your teeth need a brushing to avoid harm. Swish with water after coffee, tea or soda if brushing isn’t going to happen soon. Chewing sticky candy, or dried fruit like raisins, leaves debris in the mouth, as does bread and crackers. Keep this in mind and commit to take care of the particles as soon as possible.

Shredded meat can remain lodged between teeth for days if you don’t pull it out with floss. Plan to floss or brush after eating if possible. With each particular type of food, learn to assess the effect it could have on your teeth. Make the decision to brush before you are tired. By simply visualizing and committing, you reduce the likelihood of hemming and hawing when you’re yawning and fading, and have to choose between settling into bed and spending 2 minutes cleaning your teeth.

A long day of work or play can wear out anyone. Consistent brushing and flossing reduces buildup and helps prevent decay and gum disease.

Some smile problems can be prevented, but in spite of our best efforts, some just cannot. A complimentary consultation with one of our dentists can open your eyes to the unique possibilities for your stunning smile. A few options for cosmetic dentistry that we offer at Stewart & Hull Aesthetic & General Dentistry are porcelain veneers, Invisalign clear braces, and Zoom! teeth whitening.  If we each do our part to keep your smile healthy and beautiful, then all of us can sleep at night.

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How Periodontal Disease Affects Your Health

Categories: Gum Disease

inflamed gums Comstock Park

Swollen and painful gums are symptoms of periodontal disease, an inflammatory gum disease. Swelling occurs from an auto-immune response of the body reacting to an infection. Infections are noticeable through pain, redness, and warmth. If the infection is left untreated, it can affect the bone near the teeth. The body’s immune system wants to rid the bone of the harmful material the bacteria is creating. Over time, bone loss will develop. It is important to seek gum disease treatment. The earlier gum disease is treated, the better.

Inflammation in the gums also is associated with atherosclerosis, the occurrence of fatty deposits inside of the body’s arteries. Inflammation coincides with an increase of the blood protein CRP (C-reactive protein), produced by the liver. The more inflammation there is, the more the liver produces CRP. The more CRP present, the more likely cardiovascular disease is present, along with related troubles. CRP production is also related to arthritis, auto-immune disorders, and intestinal issues.

Scientists are currently looking into the relationship between periodontal inflammation and CRP level and the effects outside of the oral cavity. Links have already been discovered between periodontal disease and pancreatic cancer, heart disease, and stroke.

If inflammation is left untreated, gums can develop pockets that provide the perfect breeding ground for infection. The longer the infection persists, the more likely bone loss will occur, eventually causing tooth loss.

It is indispensable to practice preventive dental care daily at home and have regular visits to the dentist. Dental appointments should include an exam, cleaning, and full mouth x-rays, along with the essential knowledge and instruction on how to properly care for teeth and gums at home. It is also very important to see your dentist straightaway if a tooth suddenly becomes sensitive or you observe any other changes.

Thanks for visiting our blog. For more details about inflammation or periodontal disease, please call our office at 616-784-2377.

Tooth Brushing Basics For Healthy Smiles In Grand Rapids

Good Dental Hygiene In Grand Rapids Why should everyone brush at least twice a day? Let’s take a look at why this is so important.

Brushing and flossing is the best way to prevent decay.

Brushing with fluoride toothpaste and carefully flossing removes the food from our teeth and inhibits the build up of plaque. If we let food stay on our teeth, the starches in the food will mix with the plaque. This nasty mixture forms an acid which immediately starts drilling into the enamel to form cavities. Brushing can’t get all the spaces between your teeth, so you need to floss also.

Brushing and flossing keeps gums and bone healthy. Talk to your Grand Rapids area cosmetic dentist about how to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

If you let gum disease go untreated, you can lose teeth that are cavity-free!

The progression of gum disease (gingivitis) goes like this:

  1. Plaque build-up irritates gums
  2. Irritated gums pull away from teeth
  3. Bacteria multiplies in the spaces between the gum and tooth
  4. The bone holding the tooth is eaten by the bacteria
  5. Say goodbye to the tooth

The good news is that gingivitis can be reversed if detected early.

Call Stewart & Hull at 616-827-7019 to schedule a dental health evaluation at our office in Comstock Park. We proudly serve Grand Rapids, Comstock Park, Rockford MI and the surrounding communities.

What Is Lurking Under Your Gumline?

Fighting Gum Disease In Grand Rapids

Hello Grand Rapids residents! Your overall dental health depends not only on healthy teeth but also healthy gums. Proper oral hygiene helps keep both your teeth and gums in good shape.

When brushing, hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle with the bristle tips aimed at the line where the tooth and gum meet. The bristles of a soft toothbrush can clean the food particles in the pockets in front and in back of the tooth, but you need floss to clean between the teeth. Make sure you get the floss into the pocket between the teeth and scrape food particles up and out of the pocket.

Back to toothbrushing: if the toothbrush is not held at the correct angle, the bristles can’t get in the pockets to clean out the bacteria before it turns into enamel-damaging plaque. If plaque multiplies in the pockets around the teeth, the gum will start pulling away. Eventually, the pockets will become too deep for your toothbrush bristles to reach. Unfortunately, the tooth structure below the gumline is more susceptible to decay than the enamel above the gumline.

There is more than one way to damage your teeth – even if the visible parts of your teeth are cavity-free, gum disease can cause problems with the parts you can’t see.

We are Dr. Bruce Stewart and Dr. Eric Hull. We, along with our friendly staff, promote preventative dentistry by working with our patients of all ages to establish essential oral hygiene habits.

If you haven’t had a check-up in a while, or are experiencing gum soreness or recession, call our Grand Rapids area dental practice today at 616-827-7019 to schedule a thorough tooth and gum examination in Comstock Park.
During your exam, Dr. Bruce Stewart or Dr. Eric Hull will measure the depth of the pockets around each tooth. If you already have gum disease, we will help you restore gum health.

At Stewart & Hull Aesthetic & General Dentistry in Comstock Park, we provide full general and cosmetic dental services including dental veneers and restorative dentistry. If you have healthy teeth and gums but want to brighten your smile, ask us about tooth bleaching procedures we perform in-office.

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Do You Have Sore Gums?

Gum Disease Treatment In The Grand Rapids Area Every dentistry patient’s mouth provides a cozy home for over 600 types of bacteria. If you are diligent about oral hygiene and have healthy gums, these microbes usually don’t affect your health. However, if you have gum disease, bacteria can enter your bloodstream through your gums and cause problems.

Gingivitis is the term for the mild gum disease. At Stewart & Hull Aesthetic & General Dentistry, we routinely discover gingivitis in Grand Rapids clients who are not even aware they have the condition.

The first signs of gingivitis are swollen, sore gums.

It is important for our Comstock Park and Rockford MI area dental patients to understand that it is not normal for gums to bleed when they are brushed or flossed. If you haven’t had an oral examination in a while and live in the Grand Rapids area, call Stewart & Hull Aesthetic & General Dentistry at 616-827-7019. Dr. Bruce Stewart thoroughly exams teeth and gums and takes time to discuss the results and recommendations with each general dentistry patient.

Stewart & Hull Aesthetic & General Dentistry is a full-service dental practice at 769 York Creek Dr NW in Comstock Park. We provide comprehensive general and cosmetic dentistry for clients who live in the nearby communities of Grand Rapids, Comstock Park and Rockford MI.

During your dentist consultation, we can discuss any cosmetic or restorative procedures in which you are interested. Some of the dental procedures that we use to create perfect smiles are porcelain veneers, clear braces, dental implants and tooth bleaching. Our hygienists are skilled professionals who perform the ultimate in dental deep-cleanings.

Oral health and overall health go hand in hand. Schedule a dental consultation today by calling 616-827-7019 or visiting us online at https://www.greatmismiles.com/.