Dr. Stewart does cosmetic work for the Dr. Phil Show!

Categories: Dentistry

We can finally share the story that had Dr. Bruce Stewart’s office excited several weeks ago. We received a call from the Dr. Phil show asking if we could help get two of their guests “camera ready” from a dental perspective. This show was being filmed in Grand Rapids and the guests needed dental treatment before the show was to be taped. We only had 48 hours to complete the work, but with the help of team members and one of our local laboratories we were able to give the guests healthy and improved smiles. Dr. Stewart, Debbie, Carol and Cathy stayed late one evening, and Dr. Stewart and Debbie came in on a day that we were closed to complete the work. In her thank you note, Adrienne, a member of Dr. Phil’s team, wrote that “My guests were beyond thrilled with their experience at your office…and their smiles speak for themselves. You and your staff are exceptional and I can’t thank you enough!”

Once the show aired we were allowed to share our experience. Hopefully we will get a copy of the show and learn the story behind the guests that we helped. All of us who participated felt very good about the service we provided.