Why Is Dry Mouth Dangerous For Comstock Park Dental Patients?

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Why Is Dry Mouth Dangerous For Comstock Park Dental Patients?Hello, welcome to the Stewart and Hull Aesthetic and General Dentistry blog. Today we are going to talk about Dry Mouth, an unpleasant condition that can actually endanger the oral health of Comstock Park Stewart and Hull Aesthetic and General Dentistry dentistry patients.

Reduction of saliva flow resulting in a dry mouth is a more common problem among older Comstock Park adults, however, people of all ages in the Rockford, MI area may experience the symptoms of dry mouth at one time or another. These symptoms include a dry, red tongue, difficulty swallowing, and persistent sore throat.

Sometimes dry mouth in Comstock Park dental patients is caused by a disease or infection, but a more frequent cause of dry mouth for patients in Rockford, MI is prescription medications.

Decongestants, blood pressure medications, antidepressants, and painkillers (all used extensively in Comstock Park) are just some of the drugs that list ‘dry mouth’ as a common side effect.

It is common for allergy-prone Stewart and Hull Aesthetic and General Dentistry dental patients to complain of dry mouth when they start taking antihistamines during the Rockford, MI hay fever season.

Aside from being an uncomfortable nuisance, untreated dry mouth can cause tooth damage for Comstock Park dental patients. Adequate saliva is necessary to keep the mouth lubricated, wash the food from teeth, and neutralize the acidic environment caused by plaque. Extensive tooth decay can occur in the absence of saliva for Rockford, MI dental patients with chronic dry mouth.

If you are unsure of the cause of your dry mouth, or if you are looking for dry mouth treatments, call Stewart and Hull Aesthetic and General Dentistry to schedule an appointment with Drs. Dr. Stewart and Dr. Hull.

When you visit Stewart and Hull Aesthetic and General Dentistry in Comstock Park, please be sure to bring a list of medications you are taking so Drs. Dr. Stewart and Dr. Hull can give you an accurate diagnosis.

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Looking For A Great Dentist In Grand Rapids?

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Looking For A Dentist Comstock Park

Finding a fantastic dentist in Grand Rapids is often achieved with a personal recommendation. The most common way people find a dentist in a new area like Comstock Park is to ask a friend or neighbor, “Who is your dentist?” The answer is usually followed up with an explanation about whether or not your friend likes their dentist, and whether they would recommend them.

Patients evaluate a dental practice on the dentist’s chairside manner and dental skill, the services offered, location, dental office atmosphere, wait times, and availability of dental financing.

Dr. Stewart and Dr. Hull are experienced, caring dentists serving the Comstock Park, MI, community. Our practice name is Stewart and Hull Aesthetic and General Dentistry, and we welcome new patients from Belmont, Grand Rapids, Sparta, Walker, Rockford and all surrounding areas.

We realize that most of our new patients come to us by word-of-mouth referrals and patient testimonials. It is our goal to deliver such a terrific dental experience that you will be compelled to tell your friends about how happy you are with our dental service.

We offer cosmetic, general and restorative dentistry, including:

Porcelain veneers
Implant dentistry
Teeth whitening

We invite you to schedule a consultation by calling us at 616-827-7019. We look forward to meeting you.

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Overbites And Underbites In Comstock Park

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Overbites And Underbites in Comstock Park

Have you heard of overbites and underbites? Bite problems can occur when the upper and lower parts of the jaw are different sizes. When the lower jaw is smaller than the upper jaw, it is called an overbite. When the reverse is true, it is called an underbite.

Another related alignment disorder is called a crossbite. Crossbites occur when the lower teeth are in the wrong position. They may be incorrectly positioned sideways, forward, or backward.

Malocclusion (literally ‘bad bite’) is the term used for all types of bite problems, including overbites, underbites and crossbites. Jaw alignment disorders can cause a range of problems and often prohibit proper chewing and/or swallowing. Teeth can shift around in the mouth, causing even more discomfort or difficulty. Gum disease and tooth decay are also harder to prevent because proper oral hygiene can be difficult with a malocclusion. TMJ disorder can develop over time. Distorted facial shape and unattractive teeth are often the most noticeable and troubling issues for those affected.

Fortunately, there are a variety of effective treatments for bite problems. If you suspect your child has a bite misalignment, it is especially important to have them examined by Dr. Stewart and Dr. Hull, your Grand Rapids dentist, as early as possible. By starting early, you can make sure they avoid years of pain and self-consciousness.

Call Stewart and Hull Aesthetic and General Dentistry at 616-827-7019. Dr. Stewart and Dr. Hull are experienced in diagnosing bite disorders in patients of all ages. We can create a successful treatment plan for you. We also offer cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign for our Belmont, Grand Rapids, Comstock Park, Sparta, Walker and Rockford, MI area dental patients.

See you soon!

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Traveling Advice from Dr. Stewart and Dr. Hull

Traveling Advice From Your Grand Rapids Dentist

If you live in the Comstock Park, Grand Rapids, Walker, Belmont and Rockford MI area and are planning to take a vacation or business trip soon, we recommend you coordinate your dental care with your travel schedule.  It is always a good idea to have a professional dental cleaning and examination with our office prior to leaving on long vacations, especially if your trip is taking you to developing areas with limited dental care options. This preventative checkup will help to ensure your mouth is ready to travel.

More importantly, if you have any dental procedures scheduled before you leave, discuss it with Dr. Stewart and Dr. Hull to ensure comfortable travels.  Some dental procedures may require more time for your body to heal than you may realize.

Also, if you’re leaving the Comstock Park, Grand Rapids, Walker, Belmont and Rockford MI area by plane, you should be aware that changes in the cabin pressure of the airplane may cause tooth pain or discomfort for patients who have just had extensive dental treatment.  In addition, make sure you are aware of any necessary follow-up appointments with Dr. Stewart and Dr. Hull.

Dr. Stewart and Dr. Hull provide:

cosmetic dentistry
restorative dentistry
general dentistry
implant dentistry

If you are looking for general dental care or quality cosmetic dentistry in the Grand Rapids, Comstock Park, Walker or Rockford MI areas, please call us today and let our very friendly and thorough staff take care of you.

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The Scoop on Dental X-rays

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Dental X-rays are an essential and invaluable tool to help assist us in evaluating your oral health. With X-rays, we can see what’s happening beneath the surface of your teeth and gums and identify oral health issues otherwise hidden during a visual exam, including:

• small areas of decay between the teeth or below existing restorations (fillings)
• infections in the bone
• periodontal (gum) disease
• abscesses or cysts
• developmental abnormalities
• types of tumors

If left untreated, these problems can lead to expensive, time-consuming, and painful conditions, so it’s important to find and treat them early.
Dental X-rays are extremely safe, and our team is certified in the proper use of our digital X-ray equipment. The amount of radiation that you are exposed to from dental X-rays is very small compared to your daily exposure from things like atmospheric radiation and naturally-occurring radioactive elements, as well as medical X-rays you may have gotten at your doctor’s office or hospital. In fact our digital system dramatically decreases the already minimal amount of exposure even further. We try to be as conservative as possible when prescribing x-rays but do need them to see what is going on where our eyes can’t see.

Have you had a check-up with Dr. Bruce Stewart lately?

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Even if you brush and floss daily, it is still important to see Dr. Bruce Stewart every 6 months, or as recommended. Why?

• We can detect and treat tooth and gum problems that you may have never felt or noticed.
• Even thorough daily oral care may not be enough to prevent cavities and oral decay.
• Frequent visits can allow us to treat a problem early to prevent future complications.

If you are overdue for an appointment with us, please give us a call today!

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How technology helps us all, from Dr. Bruce A. Stewart

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Dr. Bruce A. Stewart wanted to share this story about how technology helped a recent patient get expert advice without leaving our office.

I had a patient the other day who had a severely damaged tooth. I wasn’t sure if it could be saved, so we took an intra-oral picture and an x-ray of the tooth. We emailed it to a periodontist who looked at the x-ray and the picture and decided that the best option was extraction and an implant. He felt the tooth could be removed and an implant placed the same day.

Our patient was extremely happy to get all this information while sitting in our office. He saved the time and cost involved with an office visit to the specialist to get this diagnosis, as well as gasoline costs.

I thought you would enjoy this story of how our technology can be of help to you, should you have a problem.

Smile! October is National Dental Hygiene Month!

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Did you know that October is National Dental Hygiene Month? For our staff at Dr. Stewart’s office, that means only one thing: Reminding you that your teeth are an important part of your body, and keeping them clean helps keep your mouth and your body healthy. By taking care of your teeth, eating a balanced diet and visiting our convenient Comstock Park, MI office on a regular basis, you can have healthy teeth and an attractive smile throughout your entire life.

We encourage you to check out the American Dental Association website as well, which provides pointers on keeping your mouth clean and healthy. Lastly, has it been six months since your last checkup? If the answer is yes, we encourage you to give us a call to set up an appointment with Dr. Stewart.

Second Annual Candy Buy-Back

Halloween is an exciting time of year for children, with Halloween parties in elementary schools and trick-or-treating on Halloween night. Most of us remember the excitement of running from house to house filling our bags with lots of treats, mostly candy. As adults we have a slightly different view of these festivities, as we understand the link between the sugars in sweets and tooth decay and overall health. This cache of candy can mean trouble for teeth, and is particularly bad for children with braces. So why not encourage your children to sell their candy to us at Dr. Bruce Stewart’s office? Have them pick out a few of their favorite pieces and then bring the rest of the loot to our office.

From Tuesday, November 1 through Thursday, November 10, we encourage all former costumed characters to bring us their candy loot. We will pay $2 for every pound of candy, up to $10 per child. Parents of these former ghosts and goblins can enter their name into a drawing for a $40 gift card to Meijers. The drawing will be held at the end of the day on November 10 and the winner will be notified that day.

Cash versus cavities—the choice is easy. Choose Cash!!!

Check Your Flex and Health Savings Accounts

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School has begun, the air is getting cooler and fall will officially arrive next week. After a summer filled with warm-weather activities and relaxed schedules, we are all getting into our new fall routines. This is a good time to check your Flex Accounts and Health Savings Accounts to make sure you will use all the money you have set aside. If you have dental treatment that was diagnosed but not completed, we will be happy to give you estimates on the costs of the treatment. If you have insurance we will do our best to give you an accurate estimate of your portion after insurance. Let us help you maximize your benefits. In the process you will be improving your dental health and over-all physical health. That is a win-win!

Dr. Stewart and team