One Veneer and One Crown

Rockford MI patient shows off his new dental crown and dental veneer.
Goal of Treatment: To close the space between the two upper front teeth, while decreasing the “puffiness” in the gum tissues.

Treatment: One veneer, one crown, and gingivectomies on upper front six teeth.

For a lot of cosmetic cases in dentistry, the goal is to improve esthetics of a couple of teeth while making them blend with the other teeth at the same time. In addition to improving teeth, it is also imperative that the gum tissues look healthy and symmetrical as well.

There are times in cosmetic dentistry where a crown is necessary instead of a veneer. A crown is similar to a veneer, but it covers more of the back side of a tooth. This is necessary when there has been a previous break or fracture in the tooth. The crown provides additional strength to the tooth that has been fractured. In this case, one of the front teeth had a fracture that was previously repaired with a composite filling material. The crown will give some added strength to where the fracture occurred.

The veneer and crown were made to look life-like and natural by our ceramist. They blend with the adjacent natural teeth, while improving on the shape, color, and size of the two front teeth.

In addition to the porcelain work, a procedure known as a gingivectomy was carried out. A gingivectomy is a method used to shape and contour gum tissues. This allowed us to improve the health, symmetry, and contours of the gum tissues.

Before & After

Patient before receiving his dental crown near Grand Rapids.
Patient showing off his brand new tooth crown and dental veneer near Grand Rapids.