Broken and Cracked Teeth

Broken tooth repair in Comstock Park, MIThough you may try your best to keep your teeth in their best condition, sometimes accidents may happen that can cause a broken tooth or a cracked tooth.

Some things that may cause a cracked tooth or a broken tooth are:

  • Trauma. Car accidents, contact sports, falling, or other such events can damage your teeth.
  • Biting something hard, such as ice, nuts, or seeds.
  • Using your teeth to open bags or packages.
  • Having untreated cavities.
  • Grinding or clenching your teeth too often.

Teeth can break or crack due to many causes, and these are just some of the reasons. Whatever the cause of your broken or cracked tooth it is important to seek repair as soon as possible and our office can help!

Dangers of Broken and Cracked Teeth

Your teeth are made up of three layers: the enamel on the outside that protects your teeth, the dentin layer of porous tissue underneath that helps your tooth hold its shape, and the pulp at the very center that consists of the small nerves and other tissues that give you feeling. 

Enamel is one of the strongest substances in your whole body, but it is still susceptible to damage. Once it cracks, it leaves the inner layers of your tooth open for disease and infection, which are often very painful. 

Even if you don’t have pain right away, leaving a cracked tooth or broken tooth untreated for too long will still cause bacteria to enter the tooth. Over time this bacteria could become a painful tooth infection or even lead to a major abscess—a built-up pocket of infection—in your gums. See Eric Hull, DDS for broken and cracked tooth repair in Grand Rapids.

Restorations for Broken and Cracked Teeth

Cracked teeth repair in Grand Rapids, MIHere at Hull Aesthetic and General Dentistry, we can fix your broken tooth or cracked tooth quickly with dental crowns or bonding! 

Dental Bonding | Depending on the extent of your damage, we may be able to fill in a cracked tooth or a broken tooth with only minor damage with dental bonding. 

Dental bonding uses a white or tooth-colored composite resin that is applied as a gel-like substance to your damaged tooth which allows it to easily fill in cracks or be molded to fix and restore the shape of a chipped tooth. The resin is then hardened to look and feel just like your other natural teeth. See our Dental Bonding page to learn more!

Dental Crowns | For more extensive teeth repair, we can provide high-quality dental crowns to fix your broken tooth or cracked tooth. A dental crown is often referred to as a tooth cap because it covers the front and outer sides of a damaged tooth. 

Dental crowns are made from porcelain, ceramic, or composite resin, and they are meant to completely cover any dental damage with a strong layer of protection that matches your natural teeth. Dental crowns can also be used to replace bigger broken pieces of your tooth, beyond what dental bonding can do. See our Dental Crowns page to learn more!

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