Smile Gallery

Below are before and after photos from actual patients of Eric Hull DDS Aesthetic & General Dentistry. It brings us a tremendous amount of pride to improve our patients’ smiles using a variety of dental treatments! If you want to hear what patients have said about their experiences with us, visit our testimonials page.

Upper Arch Rehab

For this case I restored 11 teeth on the patient’s upper arch (veneers on the front teeth and crowns on the back teeth). We changed the patient’s bite so that we could add length to his front teeth. Essentially idealizing function, so that we could improve esthetics.

Two Veneers on Central Incisors

For this case we did veneers on our patient’s front two central incisors.

Single Veneer on Upper Right Canine

Six Composite Veneers

I completed six composite veneers with crown lengthening utilizing a 3D digital design.

Six Veneers

Cosmetic Teeth Bonding

Two Teeth Veneers

Two Porcelain Veneers

Four Veneers

Cosmetic crown lengthening, followed by six veneers.

Twelve porcelain crowns/veneers.

Patient with twelve new porcelain crowns and veneers from the Comstock Park dentist at Eric Hull DDS Aesthetic & General Dentistry.

Two porcelain veneers and Two porcelain crowns.

Patient with two porcelain veneers and crowns that he received from a dentist near Grand Rapids, MI.

One implant used to replace a retained baby tooth

Tooth Replacement — Veneer and Bridge

Ten porcelain crowns and veneers.

Patient had a substantial cosmetic dentistry procedure performed in Comstock Park.

Twenty crowns and veneers on upper and lower teeth.

Twenty porcelain crowns and teeth veneers applied by the cosmetic dentist at Eric Hull DDS Aesthetic & General Dentistry.