Six Veneers and Crown Lengthening

Goal of Treatment: To add length to the upper front teeth while closing the spaces between them at the same time.

Treatment: Whitening, six veneers, and crown lengthening on six teeth.

Porcelain veneers were used to alter the size, shape, and color of the upper front teeth.

When using veneers to add length to teeth, we have to decide if the length will be added where the gum tissue is or at the biting edge of the teeth. Treatment planning is very important with this, and each case will be different.

Teeth need to fit naturally around a person’s facial structures such as their lips. If length is added in the wrong area, the teeth won’t look natural.

In this case, the length was added to the side of the tooth closest to the gum tissue. In order to do this, crown lengthening was performed on the teeth prior to veneers. Crown lengthening is a straightforward procedure used to alter and adapt gum tissues to achieve ideal aesthetics.

Throughout a procedure like this one, Dr. Hull works with a skilled ceramist who fabricates the porcelain veneers to look natural and lifelike. No veneer is exactly the same because everybody has a unique smile.

Before & After

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