Invisalign® Teen

Invisalign® Teen Clear Braces In Grand Rapids

Smiling teenager shows off her straight teeth thanks to Invisalign Teen clear braces that she received in Comstock Park.As a teenager in the age of selfies, your smile is more prominent and important than ever. Why wear noticeable metal braces when you can still smile with confidence with Invisalign® clear braces?

Invisalign Teen is designed with a teenager’s needs in mind. There are many benefits that come with choosing Invisalign® Teen to achieve beautiful, straight teeth.

Why Choose Invisalign Teen?

At Eric Hull DDS Aesthetic & General Dentistry in Comstock Park, we care about you and your smile. Our Grand Rapids area staff understands the unique concerns our teenage patients have while undergoing orthodontic treatment. Invisalign® Teen a great alternative to traditional metal braces for many reasons:

  • Invisalign® aligner trays are completely clear. The only thing that will be noticeable in your pictures will be you and your beautiful, transforming smile!
  • Invisalign® clear braces will not interfere with playing an instrument. Sometimes the metal brackets from traditional braces can make it more difficult when playing certain instruments. Because the smooth aligner trays comfortably fit over your teeth, there will be no interference when playing an instrument.
  • Playing trumpet and other everyday activities are possibly with Invisalign Teen, available near Grand RapidsYou can safely wear any sports mouthguards while wearing Invisalign® clear braces.
  • You can get straight teeth and still eat all of the foods you enjoy. When you go to the movies with your friends, go ahead and eat the popcorn. All foods are allowed with Invisalign® clear braces.
  • Invisalign® treatment requires less time in the office for checkups. This means less time away from important classes at school, friends, or even an after-school job.
  • There is no extra time or special technique needed when brushing or flossing while wearing Invisalign® clear braces. Because the aligner trays are removed each night, you can easily continue your regular dental hygiene routine.
  • Treatment time for Invisalign® patients is usually less when compared to treatment time for those who wear traditional metal braces. This is great news for both you and your parents!

Brighter Smiles for Teens in the Grand Rapids Area!

Invisalign® Teen is a great option for teens who want straight teeth but don’t want to feel self-conscious while wearing noticeable metal braces. Our caring Comstock Park dentist staff is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about Invisalign® Teen.

Call today to set up a complimentary consultation to see if Invisalign® Teen is the right choice for you if you are in the Grand Rapids area!

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