Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Common Sleep Disorders For Grand Rapids Patients

Wife of Grand Rapids man with snoring problems sought out help with sleep disorders in Comstock Park, ultimately identifying her husband's issue as sleep apnea.What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a potentially serious breathing condition that occurs during sleep. Patients who have sleep apnea experience shallow breathing or snoring during sleep.

In severe cases, breathing can pause completely. This can occur hundreds of times during a given night, and result in your brain and body not receiving the oxygen that they need. This can cause headaches, daytime sleepiness, insomnia and attention problems as well as more serious medical conditions.

How Do I Know If I Have Sleep Apnea?

Although experiencing one or more of these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you suffer from sleep apnea, you should come discuss this with us. If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea as a result of a sleep study, there are dental appliances that have been demonstrated to help.

Studies show that 70% of people with sleep apnea can be successfully treated with dental appliances. Come see us in Comstock Park, and we can discuss your options.

What About Snoring?

Snoring can be a sign of a deeper problem, but it is also a disorder that can make things difficult for those who sleep near you. Snoring is not unsolvable; appliances that work for sleep apnea can also help with snoring. If you live near Grand Rapids and snoring is a problem for you, make an appointment with Dr. Hull to discuss appliances for sleep disorders.

Get Tested for Sleep Disorders Near Grand Rapids

Getting a good night’s sleep has never been more important. We all live busy lives and need to be awake, alert, and alive during the day. If we haven’t slept well during the night, that’s nearly impossible. Talk to us about how we diagnose sleep disorders! We can help you deal with sleep apnea or snoring and get a great night’s sleep. Call our friendly staff at 616-784-2377 or send us a message by filling out the quick form on this page. We look forward to helping you improve your overall health as well as your dental health if you are in the Grand Rapids area!