COVID-19 Infection Control Procedures

Dear Valued Patients,

It has been a while since we have seen you! Even though we haven’t been open for routine or elective procedures we are still here to help with any urgent or emergency dental needs. Never hesitate to call us, or contact us through our website if an issue arises and you need to schedule an appointment to be seen. If you do need to be seen, you will notice some changes when you get here.

  • Please wait in your car until one of us brings you pre-appointment paperwork. This paperwork will include a questionnaire to be sure that you are not experiencing any symptoms related to COVID-19 and have had no known contact with anyone with COVID-19.
  • After paper work is completed, your temperature will be taken using a non-contact thermometer.
  • You will then be taken directly to your treatment operatory.
  • Before any procedures begin, we have a pre-procedural rinse that you will swish with for one minute.
  • You will notice the office is quieter. Only one patient is allowed in the office at a time.
    • If the patient is a minor, he/she may be accompanied by an adult who is wearing a facemask.
  • Upon leaving, you will notice glass barriers in our front desk area in order to minimize direct contact with front desk personnel.
  • You will also notice our staff will have more personal protective equipment (such as face shields and N95 masks) than in the past.

Once we are able to open for routine dental treatment we will have additional procedures in place to minimize risks. A lot of equipment has been ordered, and will be put to use as soon as it arrives.

  • Pulse oximeters to check oxygen saturation levels (additional screening tool).
  • Air purifiers utilizing plasma technology to kill airborne pathogens.
  • Extra-oral suction units to minimize aerosols.
  • Fogger used to dispense hypochlorous acid (disinfectant) into the air and surfaces.

As always, we will still be utilizing our routine sterilization and disinfecting methods that have met and exceeded OSHA guidelines in the past. These measures will be taken additionally. We know it is impossible to eliminate all risk, but we are working hard to minimize risk as much as possible. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Stewart and Hull Dentistry