Erin’s Story

Eric Hull DDS Invisalign Patient

I was Googling for Invisalign because I always hated my teeth and I wanted to get them fixed. So, being that I am a little bit older I didn’t want conventional braces, so I looked up in my area, I’m from Walker so it is close to Grand Rapids and Dr. Stewart actually came up and he’s accredited with all these fancy big things.

But, the reason I wanted Invisalign was so that I didn’t have the conventional metal braces, because now I’m getting older in life and I’m in my career and I want to present myself better but I wanted to fix my teeth. So, it was kind of a double edge sword there that I thought Invisalign was the best option for me.

People cannot tell I have Invisalign, which surprises me every time that I say “Oh yeah, I have my braces in so I can’t eat right now.” They question it and I have to show them, it’s always amazing to me that they can’t see them.

I come in every six weeks and you change your trays, they are clear plastic trays that fit over your teeth, change them every two weeks. He’ll give me two sets at a time, so every six weeks I come in. It’s a pretty easy process, you get used to them right away, you know at first your mouth is a littler tender, but it is super easy and I love it.