Meet Darlene

Eric Hull DDS Restorative Dentistry Patient

Darlene's video testimonial Eric Hull DDS dentist Grand Rapids, Comstock Park, and Rockford MIOne day I was talking with one of my co-workers about a pain I was having in my jaw and I knew it was related to a tooth issue and she said,…

“Hey, why don’t you try my dentist, and his name is Dr. Stewart.” She gave me all of the contact information and I thought, “Hey, why not, I’m already in pain. Why not give it a try?” So I called Dr. Stewart’s office and they got me in right away.

I was able to see Dr. Stewart and he was very, very pleasant and very, very professional. He performed the examination and he said, “Well, I see the issue and if you give me permission I’ll go ahead and fix it.” I said, “Seriously, just like that?”, and he said, “Yes, if you give me permission I’ll go ahead and fix it.” So I said, “Well, sure”, because I was already in pain.

So he made an adjustment, you know, got the drill and made the adjustment and immediately I had relief. So I thought, “He’s phenomenal. Oh, he’s awesome! He’s experienced! He knows about dentistry! Let’s do this!” So now my whole family and I see Dr. Stewart and Dr. Hull.

I’ve also had a very pleasant experience with Dr. Hull. I can’t say enough about the staff. They all are professional. Very pleasant, and as a result, a direct result, I’ve made referrals so other people have come here to Dr. Hull’s and Dr. Stewart’s office, and you know, we’re all happy people.