Dental Implants: Beneficial for Many Ages

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                  While dental implants have been around for over forty decades, today’s dental implants are better than ever and are becoming the standard of care for people missing teeth in the Comstock Park, Rockford, Michigan and Greater Grand Rapids area. Implant technology has improved exponentially over the years and continues to improve. Dental implants provide excellent esthetics, superb chewing function and are biocompatible.

While you may not think of teenagers as needing dental implants, it is not an unusual situation. It is not uncommon for children to be born missing a permanent tooth. Once a person’s jaw development is complete, dental implants can be successfully placed to replace the genetically missing tooth. Often this can be done in the late teenage years, or at the latest, the early twenties. After the implant has healed a very natural-looking dental ceramic crown is placed over the implant. It is likely that a properly restored implant would be impossible for someone to detect when looking at a patient from the Comstock Park, Rockford, MI or greater Grand Rapids area who has had a dental implant at the office of Stewart & Hull.

Dental implants are also the treatment of choice when replacing a tooth that had to be extracted or is missing due to an accident. Rather than remove tooth structure from two healthy teeth on either side of a missing tooth to make a dental bridge, an implant can be placed in the open position and the other teeth remain untouched. This is frequently the option chosen by patients in the Comstock Park office of Dr. Bruce Stewart and Dr. Eric Hull.

Dental Implants are also an excellent option for people needing dentures. Implants can be placed in a few strategic locations and the denture is then fixed to the implants. This implant-retained denture has a higher level of stability than an ordinary denture.

So if you are missing teeth, whether you are 18 or 80 (or any age), contact the office of Stewart & Hull to see what our doctors can do to help you. Our dedication to continuing education and technology allows us to always provide our patients in the greater Grand Rapids, Mi area with the best implant systems available.

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Dr. Bruce Stewart and Dr. Eric Hull