Implants Prevent Denture-Related Health Problems

tooth implants Comstock ParkAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 25% of adults over 65 have no remaining teeth. Many people with missing teeth choose conventional dentures. But there is a better, state-of-the-art alternative at Eric Hull DDS in Comstock Park.


Conventional dentures usually fit properly at first. But the mouth changes as you age and normal wear and tear takes its toll. Eventually, the dentures will need to be relined or replaced. In addition:

  • Ill-fitting dentures can aggravate gums and cause inflammation. Inflammation can result in additional health issues.
  • Dentures can change a person’s bite, which impacts the (jaw) joint. This, in turn, can lead to pain in the face, neck, and head.
  • Dentures trap food debris. This can result in gum disease.
  • Missing teeth eventually result in bone loss. When the jaw no longer has tooth roots, it shrinks and recedes.
  • With dental implants you can avoid these issues.

Dental implants are titanium posts inserted into your jaw. Once the post fuses with the bone, it provides a solid base of support, much like a natural tooth root. One implant can support one artificial tooth, and several can support dentures.

Implant-supported dentures from Eric Hull DDS in Comstock Park may be the best investment you ever make. We have placed them in patients from Ada, Belmont, Grand Rapids, Sparta, Walker and Rockford, MI. People also come to us for Invisalign clear braces, and our full range of general and cosmetic dentistry services. Call today!

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