Need An Implant? Let’s Do A Checkup And Talk About It.

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When is the last time you had a dental check-up? At Stewart and Hull Aesthetic and General Dentistry in Comstock Park, we recommend having a thorough exam every six months. If you are considering a dental implant, we will assess your oral condition and discuss replacement options.

Dental implants are an ideal replacement for one or more missing teeth. An implant is a titanium post that is inserted into your jaw, where it fuses with the bone. One implant is a solid base for one artificial tooth, while several can support a dental bridge or full dental arch.

The ideal candidate for a dental implant is someone in good overall health. That includes healthy gums. Adults are better candidates than younger people, because their jawbones are fully grown.

It’s important to have enough bone mass to support the implant. If there is not enough bone to support an implant, bone grafting can be done. Once the implant is in place, it helps prevent further bone loss.

Dental implants from Stewart and Hull Aesthetic and General Dentistry in Comstock Park can change your life for the better, and it begins with a thorough checkup. We also offer Invisalign orthodonticsfamily and cosmetic dentistry. Please call our office to schedule an appointment today.

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