Halloween Candy Buy-Back Success

All of us at Dr. Bruce Stewart’s office are happy to announce that our Halloween Candy Buy-Back program was a success again this year. However, there is always room for more families to participate!

We had twelve children participate, representing seven families. We enjoyed seeing the children come in, and smiled when some of them had trouble parting with their candy. The youngest children seemed to have the most difficult time saying goodbye to their candy, and did not quite understand why they were leaving their candy behind. The children brought 53 pounds of candy and we paid a total of $93 to those who participated. Some children left us over five pounds of candy, even though the individual limit for purchase was five pounds. Just think of the possible cavities prevented and how much healthier their young bodies are because they did not consume an additional 53 pounds of candy! We will be taking the candy to a subsidized, independent living, senior citizen apartment complex where people do not have much income available for extra treats.

Our Halloween candy purchase program is an annual event and we would like to double or triple the amount of participants next year. Please consider bringing your children to the office to sell us their candy for $2 a pound. Even if they only part with some of their treats, their bodies and piggy banks will be healthier. Once again, thank you to everyone who participated this year!