Have you shared your e-mail address with us?

Categories: About Our Office

If you have not shared your e-mail address with us at Dr. Bruce Stewarts office, you may want to do so the next time you are in the office. When patients give us their e-mail they will receive an e-mail from Sesame Communications giving them a temporary password. Once you open the e-mail from Sesame you can change your password and you are ready to go. There are many benefits to providing us your e-mail, including:

1. You can go online and view your account balance and check to see if your insurance has paid on your account.

2. You can check your appointment times online.

3. You can receive e-mail confirmations of your appointments.

4. If you are an Invisalign patient you can view your clin-check in the comfort of your home. Plus, you can forward your clin-check to your family and friends and show them how Invisalign will change your smile. You can even post your clin-check on Facebook!

5. Occasionally there is something we want to bring to our patients’ attention and we will send out an e-mail on that subject. That said, we do not flood you with e-mail and have only sent out one large e-mail to this point, which was about a drawing we were having with prizes over $1,100.

You can be assured that if you share your e-mail with us we will not share it with
anyone other than Sesame Communications, who will not share it with anyone or any company. Your information is secure. Feel free to contact our office if you would like your e-mail address added, or let us know at your next appointment.