Protect Your Mouth, from Dr. Stewart

Categories: Oral Safety

April is National Facial Protection Month and a good time to think again about protecting your children’s teeth (and your own) with a sports mouth guard. Everyone expects football players to wear mouth guards. However, spring sports can be just as dangerous to the teeth as football. Dr. Stewart had an emergency call several years ago from a young man who broke off his two front teeth, one right at the gum line, while playing soccer. About six years ago the son of one of our team members broke his two front teeth playing baseball. He needed root canals on both of his front teeth and will eventually need veneers when the teeth discolor.

The National Youth Sports Safety Foundation tells us that children, high school athletes and adults have more than 5,000,000 teeth knocked out each year. Many of these injuries can be prevented by wearing a mouth guard. We make clear mouth guards at Dr. Bruce Stewart’s office for $95. If an athlete wants to show school spirit by wearing a mouth guard made in the school colors, we can do that for an additional charge.

Dr. Stewart and our team strongly encourage everyone to wear mouth guards when engaging in sports. Please call our office to set up an appointment for the athletes in your family!