Link Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Cold Sores

Categories: Oral Health

The link between Alzheimer’s Disease and the cold sore has been in the news lately, with Oprah and Dr. Oz on TV and John Tesh on the radio. In fact, researchers from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine and the University of Manchester in England and have found a link between cold sores and Alzheimer’s Disease. They stress that cold sores do not cause Alzheimer’s, but can be one co-factor in developing Alzheimer’s.

The research indicates that the HSV1 (herpes virus) travels to the nerve cells of the brain as we age and alters the brain’s waste-removal capabilities. The virus also releases chemicals in the brain that cause abnormal twisted fibers to develop, similar to what is found in Alzheimer’s sufferers. As a result of these findings, experts advise treating a cold sore quickly to minimize the time the virus is active.

If you get a cold sore, please call Dr. Bruce Stewart’s office and get treatment. We can call in medication that will hasten the healing of your cold sore. A better alternative would be to come in and have us use a laser on your cold sore. The laser has been effective in hastening healing, preventing spreading, and containing the size of the herpes outbreak.