Summer Is Here…Make Those Back-to-School Appointments Now!

Categories: Oral Health

School is finally out! Now we can begin to enjoy the pleasures and special events of summer, the vacations, trips to the beach, camping, gardening, golf, and more relaxed and longer days. Each year new memories are made during this summer break.

From a dental perspective, there are a few things associated with summer that should be on your “To Do” list. One is to make sure the athletes in your family have proper safety equipment, which in addition to knee pads and helmets, includes mouth guards. You can purchase the “Boil and Bite” mouth guards at many locations. An even better alternative is to have us make a custom fitted mouth guard.

As crazy as it sounds, another thing on your early summer “To Do” list should be to call our office and schedule those back to school cleaning appointments, as well as any sealant and restorative (filling) appointments you have been waiting to schedule. Our hygiene schedule fills up quickly and every year we get many parents and teachers calling in August hoping to schedule hygiene appointments before school starts. Now is the time to get that done!!! You have a greater chance to get the time you want and beat the beginning of school if you call now.

We hope you all have a safe and memorable summer. We’ll look forward to seeing you in the office.