Visit Your Dentist At Least Twice A Year And Save Money

Visit Your Grand Rapids Dentist At Least Twice A Year And Save MoneyVisiting your family dentist regularly is a great way to save money. You may initially think that avoiding your local dentist will save money in the fees that are charged for x-rays and cleanings, but in reality, these simple procedures will help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. This will save you money in the long run. Just think how much more expensive a root canal and crown can be.

Find A Dental Home: Dr. Stewart and Dr. Hull have a convenient location and hours to fit your schedule. Call for an appointment and to establish yourself and your family as one of our valued patients.

Get A Professional Cleaning At Least Twice A Year: This is a time for you to get a 360-degree examination of your teeth and gums.  In some cases the doctor may diagnose the need for a filling, but left untreated, a root canal and crown may be necessary.  A cleaning will help prevent gum disease, and it is a great time for you to review your oral hygiene habits.

Follow The Dental Professional’s Advice: When your dentist and hygienist examine and clean your mouth, they are able to see what you cannot, and offer insightful tips to help prevent cavities and gum disease.