Bad Breath Is No Fun

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Bad Breath Is No Fun For Comstock Park Residents

Bad Breath is No Fun

Picture this: You are starting a new job and are going to meet with your new boss for the first time. Confidence is key to your success. Your broad confident smile exposes rows of pearly white teeth, but when you open your mouth to exchange greetings, you worry about bad breath.

Perhaps your breath is not as a pleasant as you had hoped. Regular dental checkups at Stewart & Hull Aesthetic & General Dentistry can help alleviate your concern over bad breath. We have been addressing bad breath since 1974.


The technical term for bad breath is halitosis. Many factors can cause or contribute to halitosis. One of these factors is the food you eat. Onions and garlic are both known for having a potent effect on your breath. Other factors to consider include dry mouth, tobacco use, and harmful health concerns such as infections.

Bad breath usually originates in your mouth. Transient bad breath can be resolved through eating or brushing, and is a temporary condition usually associated with a dry mouth. Persistent bad breath can be caused by chronic dry mouth issues. It is made worse when food is not cleared away properly.


  • Brushing and flossing daily is a key step in curing bad breath. Food particles can build up in your mouth and foster bacteria.
  • Simply observing the foods you eat  can result in a change in your breath.
  • Regular checkups can also reduce or eliminate the progression of bad breath.

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