How technology helps us all, from Dr. Bruce A. Stewart

Categories: Dentistry

Dr. Bruce A. Stewart wanted to share this story about how technology helped a recent patient get expert advice without leaving our office.

I had a patient the other day who had a severely damaged tooth. I wasn’t sure if it could be saved, so we took an intra-oral picture and an x-ray of the tooth. We emailed it to a periodontist who looked at the x-ray and the picture and decided that the best option was extraction and an implant. He felt the tooth could be removed and an implant placed the same day.

Our patient was extremely happy to get all this information while sitting in our office. He saved the time and cost involved with an office visit to the specialist to get this diagnosis, as well as gasoline costs.

I thought you would enjoy this story of how our technology can be of help to you, should you have a problem.