Our hygiene team attends a seminar on teen health issues

Dr. Stewart’s hygiene team recently attended a on-day seminar, “Teenagers–What Their Mouths Are Telling You But They’re Not: Practical Information on Teen Health Issues,” presented by Janette Delinger, RDH, BSDH.

This seminar contained up-to-date information on what is going on in the daily lives of our teens; from what they are saying to dietary concerns and dangerous social activities they are engaging in. Topics that were discussed included eating disorders, inhalants (“huff”), tobacco use, binge drinking, methamphetamine, HPV, oral piercings, abusive behavior, recommended immunizations and overall health and oral hygiene challenges. We will be highlighting some of these topics in upcoming newsletters, but we feel parents may want to get their hands on some of this information now.

Here are some excellent websites for parents to check out: