Five reasons to keep track of your dental appointments

Categories: Oral Health

All of us here at the office of Dr. Bruce Stewart know that summer is a time of relaxation and less scheduling. Still, it is important to keep one schedule in mind throughout the summer, and that is the schedule you should maintain for good oral health. Here are some facts to keep in mind when considering when to schedule your family’s next dental appointments, and what services to request.

1. In today’s challenging economic times, it makes good sense to keep on top of your dental visits. Problems can be prevented or minimized if they are caught early. For example, we can catch decay when it is small and requires only one surface filling, rather than a large filling or root canal.

2. Fluoride and sealants can help prevent tooth decay. We can apply fluoride and sealants when you come in for an appointment. It will save time and money, since applying fluoride and sealants does not require the amount of time a filling requires, and they are much less expensive than even a small filling.

3. If a hygienist notices the beginning of demineralization in a tooth or teeth, we can use MI Paste and reverse the demineralization process, and possibly prevent decay from forming.

4. Our hygiene schedule is very full, but we know that we traditionally get calls near the end of summer asking for appointments to get children in before school starts or before they leave for college. Our hygienists have agreed to work some extra days so that we can accommodate our patients’ needs. We will do our best to get your school-aged children and college students in the schedule before school begins.

5. If you schedule your appointment at the end of July, that makes the six month recall around the time of semester break. If you schedule at the end of August, that makes the six month recall appointment around winter break. This allows parents to avoid pulling children out of school and prevents the hassle of trying to schedule around after school sports and extra curricular activities.

We look forward to seeing you soon!