Dr. Stewart’s Office Garden Party

What can be better than summer in Grand Rapids, Michigan? And what better way to enjoy the weather and beauty of the season than a Garden Party? That’s exactly what Dr. Stewart and out team did on Friday, July 22. We had a luncheon at our home and followed that with a tour of our gardens.

Dr. Stewart is an avid gardener and we’ve lived in the same home over 32 years, so we’ve had time to develop the gardens next to our house and surrounding the yard. Our family loves the daylilies and hostas, and we have over 75 different daylilies. Though the weather did not cooperate at first, it cleared in time for everyone to walk around the yard and determine their favorite plant. When it is time to split the daylilies and hostas, we’re planning to take some to the office for fellow gardeners amongst the staff to enjoy in their yards. We all had a great time Friday and enjoyed the shared interests and friendships away from the office.