Westwinde Wiffle Ball Tournament

Dr. Stewart usually likes to use our blog to keep you updated about what is happening in our office, especially when we get new equipment, use new materials, or take continuing education classes. Today, however, he wanted to share with you something special one of our patients is doing.  It made him smile and he hopes it will bring a smile to your face too.

John and Kara started the Westwinde Wiffle Ball Tournament three years ago, and it has grown and added features each year. This is a free event for 18 teams, five people per team (boys, girls, or co-ed), for ages 9—12 years, and will be held August 3 this year. The tournament is held in their back yard, but this is not a typical back yard.  To quote John, the field “looks like a ball field, sounds like a ball field, plays like a ball field” and even has a large wall, the “Hollow Monster”, patterned (on a smaller scale) after the Green Monster in Fenway Park. There is an official ball park organist & stadium announcer, large manual scoreboard and clock, official lined waffle ball field, official bases from Tiger Stadium, foul poles, home run fence and strike zone target backstop, umpires and other SURPRISES. Parents are welcome to bring lawn chairs and watch the tournament. All players will receive a free tournament t-shirt, as well as hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, and Gatorade. This is a great event which generates a lot of enthusiasm amongst the participants and promotes good sportsmanship, healthy outdoor activity and FUN.

Hats off to John and Kara for creating this event!