Dental Hygiene in Grand Rapids: 5 Reasons to Schedule a Cleaning Today

professional dental cleaning Grand Rapids

1. Protect Your Gums

We always tell our patients that it isn’t only acute cavities that they need to worry about. Other dental issues can slowly damage your teeth until they are beyond saving. For example, gum disease that leads to bone loss is just as harmful. Gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque that creates pockets of infection between the gums and tooth roots. This leads to periodontitis, gum recession, and eventual bone loss. A professional cleaning gets rid of the plaque and restores your dental hygiene before it can cause any more damage to your smile.

2. Prevent Cavities

Even if you brush and floss your teeth, morning and night, plaque can start to collect in your mouth. We have many patients who are faithful brushers but are surprised when our hygienist discovers plaque on their teeth. A dental cleaning can easily remove plaque and eliminate the risk of gum disease.

3. Check for Oral Cancer

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, oral cancer claims one life approximately every hour—that’s 48,250 deaths a year. During a dental cleaning, your hygienist can perform a screening and look for signs of oral cancer. If you have concerns about oral cancer or your dental hygiene in Grand Rapids, please schedule an appointment with us today and we’ll provide you with all the necessary information.

4. Oral Health and Overall Health Go Hand in Hand

Your mouth is not a separate entity from the rest of your body, it’s all connected. For some reason, many individuals find themselves treating their dental hygiene as if it doesn’t affect their overall health. A lot of people in Belmont, Comstock Park, Grand Rapids, Sparta, Walker, and Rockford, MI settle for getting regular preventative services for physical conditions but miss out on vital dental appointments. At Stewart & Hull Aesthetic & General Dentistry, we’ve often wondered about this frequent disconnect. Did you know that there is compelling evidence to suggest that the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes increases with poor oral health? Your lifestyle is significantly affected when you have tooth pain, tooth loss, or gum disease, so please call Stewart & Hull Aesthetic & General Dentistry today to schedule an appointment.

We also offer other services, such as cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, implant dentistry, veneers, and teeth whitening. Please call 616-784-2377 to schedule a professional dental cleaning at Stewart & Hull Aesthetic & General Dentistry in Comstock Park.

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