Oral Bleeding/Infection and Your Health— What’s the Connection?

Categories: Oral Health

Research has shown that:

• One in two people are pre-diabetic or insulin resistant
• Controlling gum disease controls diabetes
• One in seven people with active gum disease over the age of 40 will have Alzheimer’s Disease
• One in seven 26 year olds has peridontitis at some level
• People with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease
• Periodontal disease impacts osteoporosis, respiratory diseases, fertility and pregnancy.
• Oral disease is a disease like any other and deserving of treatment.

If you have bleeding during your hygiene visit or your hygienist suspects oral infection, your hygienist will be talking with you about the benefits of Laser Bacterial Reduction, or LBR. We have used the hygiene laser for LBR for several years with tremendous results. Now research is showing that early intervention with LBR can provide greater benefits for our patients than we realized. Ask your hygienist for LBR’s benefits for you.